About us

Vomingo Telecom Services (VTS) is an enhanced call and SMS management service that will change the way you communicate. We put you in control of all of your communication needs. We're focused on growing your small business. We don't market to big businesses (though some of our customers started small and got big). We also sell our services to individuals around the world.

We are so confident in our services we put our money on the line. 100% money-back guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with our quality of service, we will refund your money - no questions asked.

We sell managed telecom services ranging from a single virtual phone number to over 10 millions voice blasts. We enable small businesses to sound like a Fortune 500 company - without the dramatic associated expense. We pride ourselves on offering five-star customer service and dedicated to our goal of saving your business time and money.

Our products are 100% self-service and web-based. Our core business model is "Do-It-Yourself". You take absolute control of the services you want. Our services are modular and mostly run on a Pay-As-You-Go approach.

You only pay for the services you want. No committment - You can cancel any service at anytime. You don't even need to pay before trying out some of our services. Please click here and get started.

Who is using Vomingo?